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The Passion Book


"The Passion Book" is the most exciting and informative account of Jesus' passion ever written. Learn the great love our Savior had for the world, for His mother, for His apostles, disciples and friends. Find out how archangels consoled Him during those apocalyptic days. See the shepherds, the three Marys, and John and the little group of friends accompany Jesus on the "Way." Hear the good thief repent. See Jesus appear to Mary Magdalene, and then witness His tender reunion with His mother, Mary. Finally, see Jesus lead many with Him to the mount to view His final farewell to the earth. Find answers to so many controversies and mysteries surrounding the Passion…

"The Passion Book" has 14 chapters from the arrest of Jesus through His Crucifixion, followed by 2 of the most beautiful chapters ever written on the Resurrection of our Lord, and His reunion with His mother and Ascension into heaven. This book will bring great healing to all who read it.