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Spritual Healing
of the Family and
The Story


"Spiritual Healing of the Family" discusses the wisdom of healing the family and ways to accomplish this both generationally and intergenerationally. It lists the gifts we have at our disposal to fight against forces that would break up our family and lead it astray. This book provides insight into the spiritual tools available to us and the procedures we should follow to ward off evil, to bring daily defeat to the evil ones we pray against when we recite the "Our Father".

"The Story" is a love story. It tells about many spiritual events that occurred in the life of Eugene Peter Koshenina, co-author with Fr. Robert DeGrandis. In "The Story" Eugene describes his plunge into deepest grief following the untimely death of his wife of 34 years, a sad, devastating event preceded by an unusual, touching offer from Jesus. This is followed by revealing experiences in the war of good against evil personally witnessed by the author and his second wife. Finally, it culminates in shocking events, events totally unforeseen and unanticipated by any human, events proving the overflowing love of the Most Beautiful Blessed Virgin Mary, the woman to whom Jesus once said in deepest admiration, "Mary, ALWAYS the Mother".