Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 21:35:38 -0700
Subject: Need your Prayers and Advice

Hi, I am S. I have been reading many of Fr. DeGrandis's books and using some for my prayers, especially "The Miracle Hour" for the past few years. I came across your website a couple of days ago. I need help. I have gone through several turmoils the past 10 over years. There is so much of unrest in my family, especially among my siblings. We are 7 of us, all married (some are married to people of other faith i.e. Hindus). My elder sister gets possessed every now and then. After being prayed over by prayer groups from our Catholic church, it was mentioned this was due to a generational curse. I have prayed but there is so much disunity, jealousy and deceit in the family. I have tried my best to be good to them but end up getting hurt over and over. So much has happened over the years that cannot be explained. Today after my retirement, I have lost everything, my house, my earning, my car and jewellaries. I am confused. Are my prayers heard or what God has planned still happens and I have to just accept it? I always believed God wants us to have a life to the fullest, then why do I go through all this. But along the way, God has blessed me with wonderful friends who comes to help me. I am confused. Please tell what am I doing wrong and please pray for me and also to bring unity in the family.

Dear S,
You have done much to help your family, but to little avail. There is no peace there. When I read your story, I think of the advice Mary gave, "Pay no attention to such people".

The human family is greater than the relational family, and this family is comprised of your friends and even those you don't know. Love and care for your human family, especially those whom you don't know and who need your valuable prayers, for your prayers are lined with gold by the fires of your suffering. As the Rosary links turn to gold, so have your prayers.

Don't worry about the earthly things you have lost, this will make you the more eager to go to your true destination, God's heavenly splendor where you have everything - you have GOD in His majesty and unimaginable beauty and love.

The Lord blesses you, and his Mother prays hourly for you.