From: "Ruth XXXXX" <>
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Sent: Monday, June 02, 2003 7:52 PM
Subject: prayer intention

Please pray for my vocation. It has been 10 years since I have been praying and every time I get close to a decision something happens and my path is diverted. If this is Gods will in my life than help me pray for the gift of acceptance and abandonment to divine providence. If the reason that I am not getting anywhere is because of my lack in generosity i.e. I am not giving the Lord my best then help me pray to open my clenched hands (heart).We all know that the most important thing in our life is GOD and we all need the prayer of enlightenment of how we can reach this UNION, opening the door so He can enter. I seem to go into circles and never reaching my true destination sometimes I feel that this is due to my weakness and other times things happen out of my control. Please help me pray and if you have any advice don't delay your sister in Christ.


From: Koshenina, Eugene
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2003 2:48 PM
To: "Ruth XXXXX" <>
Subject: FW: Prayer intention

Dear Ruth,
It is difficult to assess the situation without knowing any details.
Generically, the things we do to pursue our calling is to follow the path that Jesus lights in front of us. Yes, you and I are weak, but God is not. He will help us with the decisions, but we must make them as He gives us free will.

Perhaps thinking of Mary, Jesus' mother will help. She dedicated her life to God as a little child. So dedicated was she that as a 5 year old girl she didn't even want anybody holding her but her parents - she said she belongs to God. Later, she didn't want relatives and friends hugs, she said she belongs to God. Thus she became a virgin of the temple when she was twelve and remained there for at least 3 years,
cleaning the temple, and doing whatever chores were required by the temple priests.

One day Joseph, her future spouse spotted her. Joseph inquired of the priests, and was told that Mary was a wonderful person, a prayerful sweet young lady. Joseph pondered this, and eventually asked Mary to marry him. Mary pondered this, asked her parents, discussed it with the priests, and then spoke with Joseph. She said she would like to be his spouse, but she wished to remain "spouse" as she had dedicated
herself to God. Joseph smiled and said, "Yes." Thus they were "married" in the temple, but never consummated their marriage as husband and wife; both remained true to their words. So sometimes our vocation is fulfilled in a surprising way.

God does not expect us to fumble about in darkness. He lights our way.
Specifically, I say this about any decision of importance that you wish God's help with. You must pray, as you did, reverently and patiently. When you feel the time has come for a decision, you propose your decision to God, and ask God to validate your proposal. If this is for your spiritual good, God will favor your request and He will validate
your proposal with a validation sign. The validation must be a clear and unmistakable sign that you instantly recognize as a validation, nothing else is sufficient. Thus you will know if God wills this for you. I have asked God in this way numerous times, and He usually sends the validation sign within a few days if He wishes it for me - just about the time the issue is out of ones mind He will send something, show you something, have someone say something that is startling in some manner, unusual for some reason. You must instantly recognize it as the answer, or it is not. That is how the validation sign works.

We will pray that you are able to make the right decision. But remember, it must be right for you. Don't worry about God being disappointed about your decision, He is not really "in need" of anything, He just wants your complete undying love no matter the vocation. It is not a more holy way of life to be a priest or nun than to be married or single. Remember, Mary was espoused to Joseph and they are in the highest places in heaven! You need to be and become only what God intends for you, that and that only!

Ruth, pray every morning and evening with us:
In Your name, Jesus, and through the merits of your precious blood, I break and dissolve all obstacles, distractions, and confusion. Amen, and amen, and amen!
May God continue to bless you profusely, Ruth. Fr. will remember you in a special way at mass, and we will pray daily for you.
Love, Father and Gene and Chu

From: Ruth XXXXX
To: Chu Koshenina
Sent: Sunday, June 08, 2003 12:37 PM
Subject: RE: Reply from to your message of 6/2/03

Praise be to God,
Chu words cannot express how happy i am to read such a wonderful message i really felt it in my heart .I thank this gift from the Holy Spirit and pray that God's will be the treasure of my heart. I also know that He will hear your prayers and I will also pray for all your needs.I hope to see you at the retreat on this coming weekend . If not i would love to meet you whenever you can.
lots of love to all of you,
your sister in Christ ruth


From: Chu Koshenina
Sent: Sunday, June 08, 2003 12:58 PM
Subject: Re: Reply from to your message of 6/2/03

Dear Ruth,
We are in the writing ministry in Houston. We thank you for your kind words and truly wish we could be there, but it is not possible. We thank you for your prayers, we are so blessed by you and others like you who pray for us. Peace be with you, Ruth.
Love, Father and Gene and Chu