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Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2003 11:00 PM
Subject: Workshop in Brazil

Dear Father Degrandis:
First at all, God bless you! it's the only thing that I can say to you.
I'm impressed about your weekend workshop in Brazil. It was strikely wonderful for many people like me, who were expecting healing and releasing in our lives.

I'm recently charismatic, I'm deeply in love with all this, I grew spiritually in two months more that in years of chatolicism. I learned a lot of things about Holy Spirit gifts in your workshop. I really felt ready to help people to be healed, my hands are burning until now. I can't understand the whole thing but I'm happy. My depression is gone. Thanks to GOD.

On the other hand, I'd like to share a long story and strange connection with a man called XXXXX, who was married when he was 19 years old. He committed adultery when he was 22 y.o and his wife left him. They have a daughter. It happened 20 years ago. Since this time, he had several relationships with women but he became a perfect "Don Juan", he couldn't relate to one woman, he couldn't love anymore. When I met him, I had a pure heart and I was an unexperienced woman, he deeply felt in love with me. It was seven years ago, we related briefly (five months) we had our ups and downs, most of those years we were good friends, we broke up several times for the same reason, I couldn't accept his life and his unfaithful, I refused the man but I loved the friend.

I tried to run away from him moving in the US, finally, when I thought that this story was ended, I got TB and came back to Brazil one year after. I met him again, I was unhappy, I tried to get rid of this man Dear many times, unsuccesfully. In the whole time, I always was asking God to show my path and answer why his man was in my way all the time, even though my prayers.

I tried to leave his town in Brazil but "something real good" (professionally) happened and I had to stay. Many things happened in my life, I was suffering with all this, I could't understand why I would have to live in the same small town if I did not want to see him again. We were friends, sometimes lovers, it was crazy, we couldn't be more than that and we couldn't fall apart. Our feeling was very strong, mix of tenderness, friendship, care, attraction etc. I took psychotherapy two years and I gave up because I couldn't find the answers. I decided to go to GOD, I approached the church.

I read a book which changed my life, written by St.Thereza of Lisieux. I started praying for his conversion 10 months ago, everyday, I ask Jesus and Mary to grant me this grace. I'm happy now because i'm improving my spiritual life, sometimes I was depressed but after this healing mass with father Degrandis, I'm feeling great. In August 2002, I received a letter when I was praying, supposedly from GOD, where HE told me that this man was an instrument of my conversion and viceversa and he would be my husband, we'd have a baby who would be called XXXXXX and would offer to God. I was very confused with all this at that time, but when I met charismatic people I understood much better about this piece of paper.

I have been very confused, I have seen XXXXXX suffering a lot for his irregular life. I couldn't abandon him, I don't know why, he started praying with me but the Devil didn't permit continuing it for too long. We started to misunderstand each other, my feelings of possession came out, my best and pure feelings gone. He needs to be released from the Devil's's a tough war...

Regarding the letter, I think that it's an impossible thing to happen, the first thing, because he was married at the chatholic church ( my husband ?), the second one, he is sterile.(XXXXXX ?)
Today, when Father Degrandis told us that we closed our eyes and listened to GOD's words, I was praying strongly and I felt that JESUS reconfirmed that this man will be my husband and he will become a real christian and his conversion will be the most powerful tool of conversion for others. Afterwards, I felt in peace for the first time in many years, I realized that our first love is GOD, nothing is more important in life. I strikely want to make HIS WILL.
I Kindly ask an special and strong prayer for XXXXXX and me, for our real conversion. I'm sure that your prayer father, will be helpful for our lives.

I'd like to receive your thoughts about all this...Maybe I got crazy?...

Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2003 10:41 AM
Subject: RE: Workshop in Brazil

Dear Silvia,
On behalf of Father DeGrandis, S.S.J., I thank you for your nice email. We told him about your correspondence some time ago and he was pleased. He promised while in Brazil that he would pray for you and remember you and XXXXXX in mass. Father gave His web site in Brazil as If you or XXXXXX feel the need for inner healing, may I suggest the CD "Sing and Pray for Healing." Hearing it is truly a wonderful experience, as it produces a most powerful embrace with Jesus deep within your soul! You may also want to say the "Spiritual Warfare" prayer.

Towards the end of your email you wrote, "Afterwards, I felt in peace for the first time in many years, I realized that our first love is GOD, nothing is more important in life. I strictly want to make HIS WILL." Silvia, this is the most important discovery in your life, it is the "secret of life" and the key to the kingdom of heaven! Would that more people felt this way. We so often hear from others, "I can't live without him (or her)." This kind of thought should be rejected immediately, always, it is a serious sin against the first commandment. I congratulate you on your major "discovery."

Regarding your psychotherapy, you found the key there too. A combination of medical and psychological help together with intense prayers to the great healer Jesus and Mary is the surest road to recovery from any physical, emotional, and relational illness or trauma. But please, may you and XXXXXX offer up your sufferings for the conversion of sinners and the most needy souls in Purgatory. God turns sufferings into golden blessings which He generously bestows on everybody that they may one day be with Him and His angels and saints in His twenty centuries years old home, His New Heavenly Jerusalem!

We thank God for your conversion and for that of all people who have been converted and are called to higher levels of holiness. Feel free to turn to Jesus as the fountain of divine mercy. Jesus told Sr. Faustina Kowalska during WWII that for those who say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, He will stand with them before His Father not as the just judge, but as the Ocean of Mercy - Silvia, that would guarantee that you would get to heaven! How great is the Lord Our God!

Father DeGrandis will continue to pray for you and XXXXXX and to offer up masses for both of you. Father loves to go to Brazil because of warm, loving people like you and XXXXXX. May Jesus bless you both even more profusely today and every day as you walk your paths with Him fulfilling your missions in life.

Father and Gene and Chu

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Sent: Friday, May 23, 2003 5:27 PM
Subject: Prayer request from Brazil

I tried to send this email before thru OUTLOOK EXPRESS but it didn't work. Hope it goes thru now.

My husband and I are the second marriage, we both.....but we intend to get married at Church, well, I intend that, (we both are able to get the anulment at Church, mine is about to finish with the process at Church and his also is possible to get it in the US from his first wife) but it seems he does not want to see me for now....he left me in Brazil not even saying good bye to me so sick he is and also depressed....I do love him and I have always thought he does love me......lately, it seems he is living a spiritual battle. We both went into a deep therapy, catholic one, but it seems it did not have any effect on him.........

We had many fights, he does not accept the fact that he has retired from the Air Force. We built a home together, we had so many plans and dreams but as time went by, he got even more agressive to me (emotional agressions) and - to protect myself - I told him things that I shouldn't have told him. We did have wonderful moments together, but he is a sick man, so many traumas with his mother, ex wife, and he can not forgive himself or anyone else....if he does, he says he can not forget the hurt. He left me in Brazil, after building the new home without any explanation. Then he went back to the States and went into confession. It seems the priest he met there, didn't advice him correctly, creating more confusion in his mind. We love each other very much, but now he feels guilty about the things he did to me. I asked him to forgive me, I do forgive hiim, but he does not know the Charismatic Renewal and has a tough heart.....made of is TOO MUCH important to him, much more than I am...........I know nobody is like this for free........I know he needs prayers and inner healing badly.....I tried to convince him to come down to hear Father De Grandis at Cancao Nova but he refused himself. Tomorrow is my birthday and still, he didn't come, so far, to see me...........I have always considered him my dear husband.....he is also Catholic, he is indeed a good man, with a beautiful soul, but he has so much hurt......he has so many emotional problems.....he stutters because of what his mother would do to him....she would spank him badly when he was a kid......she would tell him he was no good, that he didn't deserve to find a nice lady to marry - that a nice lady wouldn't want him...........and when he found me, this battle started in such a way that there were times it seems it was not HIM who was talking to me.........we were happy but since he retired he changed.........he has doubts now in his heart about our
> relationship because he thinks he was not honest with me even though he says he never met a woman like me.........

Would you please tell Father De Grandis, IN PERSON, himself, to say a prayer for him?? For us?? Please, I want my husband to come back to me because he is not a bad person, and I DO LOVE HIM VERY VERY MUCH............I do.....I do believe in Miracles and in the power of God.......that if we have faith, Mountains move and miracles happen........ I thank you so much but I feel so desperate and sad.......what's more, I am too worried about him because, with the exception of his kids, he has nobody there who would care for him......he feels rather depressed and I want Father De Grandis pray for him very badly....It's about one month that I have been trying to contact Father De Grandis but the email I had would always return to me and never went thru.

Please, let me know if this letter went thru?? I too have another email address. This is it:

Thank you very very much.....I am the one who just called you from Brazil.