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Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 10:49 AM
To: Koshenina, Eugene;
Subject: RE: Prayer for my marriage to be healed and restore

- God Bless you, He is my only hope...
- RCIA leader, Youth ministry,and lector …
- Started to care more for others than myself…even my family...
-Wife left with our children…
-I know that I had to change me…
- Thank you for lifting my marriage and family in prayers.
God Bless Mike

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Sent: Monday, May 19, 2003 4:41 PM
Subject: FW: Prayer for my marriage to be healed and restore

Dear Mike,
This is the type of restoraton that can usually only be accomplished through intense prayer. Unfortunately, I have seen where others, often divorced friends, foment the split and then help one of the persons andquot;enjoyandquot; their newly found illegitimate andquot;singleandquot; life.

Divorce has become so easy and popular that in some circles people think they even need it to be andquot;in.andquot; It makes you an exciting agenda item, and other divorcees love it and talk ad infinitum about it.

But this is all foreign to God, it certainly is not Jesus' WAY. Life here seems so long and the pleasures so attractive that many fall into the trap of hedonism. Pride and pleasure are so andquot;availableandquot; and thus we are constantly bombarded with temptation. If we carefully thought about our future in terms of millions of years, many of us would make entirely different choices. But we may tend to block these thoughts, wishing to live andquot;for todayandquot; in blissful foolishness.

Jesus, we pray for conversion that your Father will come first, the focal point of life. We pray that this and all unions blessed by God be revered and honored by individuals and the community. May your love and that of your Father and the Holy Spirit penetrate and inspire XXXXX and your whole family to blessed holiness and union under God.
Father and Gene and Chu

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Subject: Prayer for my marriage to be healed and restore

Dear Fr. DeGrandis,

¢Marriage, children
Pray for my marriage to be healed and restored.
Pray for my wife to turn to God and than me. Also for her salvation, health and healing,...
Please pray for more communication and contact between my wife and me...
Please pray for my wife's relationships with the people around her, that those relationships supporting reconciliation be strengthened, that those people not supporting reconciliation either repent or that their influence be ended…
¢Pray for God to bring my wife to…a drawing to Jesus…

God Bless Mike