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I have that prayer on a card myself. I've always wondered, do you know what 'bohmos' or 'santeros' are? I've been unable to find out. Thanks. John

Dear John,

Ok .. this is the information that was provided for us. But, again ... you really can do a search for yourself on the internet .. or better yet talk to a priest. Just be careful, because when you go to websites they can track you ... and that means you could possibly get unsolicited email from their sick ways of thinking. They give us another reason to make those All night 1st Friday Vigils and 1st Saturdays ... Shalom!
God Bless,

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Santeros (another name used in the USA is Yerberia) is a well known form of satanic occultism prevalent particularly in African and Latin American counties, but it is even more dominant in the Carribean region. It has some connection with certain ethnic nutritional centers and other facilities and organizations in the united States in that at a minimum they host it and/or disseminate literature about it. (For more information about Santeros please search the web.)

I couldn't quickly find an article on Bohomos, but time to search is a problem, we simply don't have the resources. If you have a friend that is good on the Internet I'm sure they will find some information. It's apparently an occult practice for telling the future of people and/or their characteristics and/or influencing their future - not good!