From: Mario XXXXXX
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 4:15 PM
Subject: Hello

Dear Father DeGrandis:

Receive a salute from Costa Rica and the blessings from our Lord Jesus. Please excuse for my bad English.

I am a costa Rican journalist, and unfortunately I found about your recent visit to our country two days after you had left. As a coincidence, I am reading your book: Come, follow me.

Father, during many years I have had panic attacks; for example, one hour ago I had one at work. I have fought during many time, trying to change my life. I was abuse when child (5 years old).
I strongly want to give to my life to our Lord Jesus. I have change lately, I have accepted Jesus, but still suffering because of the panic attacks. I know, God is great! And that their are no barriers, neither long distance or time for him. And that if one has faith, anything can be possible. That's why, dear Father, I am sending my picture, I am sure that if you pray for me God and Jesus will take my attacks for ever and give me freedom and internal peace.
Muchas Muchas Gracias.


Best regards,