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Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2003 10:20 PM
Subject: Father De Grandis

> Would you be so kind to please forward this to Father De Grandis?
> Father, please pray for my special, urgent temporal needs for me and my
> I have prayed and prayed-I am at wit's end.
> I've read about generational healing etc., I attend Mass everyday, say the
Rosaey everyday, Divine Mercy Chaplet daily, and I can neither see nor feel
any help.
> If you are sincere about the power of prayer-flat out prayer-not prayers
being answered in some vague way, then please pray with and for me.
> Blind men in the Gospel didn't ask or expect some vague cure or
personality adjustment, they asked to see. Lepers asked for clean skin, not
a way to better live with their disease.
> Please ask Jesus to help me quickly, in His Holy Name I ask you Father.
> Thank you Father,
> David,
> New York City

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Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 8:43 AM
Subject: Father De Grandis

Dear David,
I am very sad to hear of your plight, and yes, you are doing all the right things. As Mary said, pray, pray, pray.

I had a terrible tragedy years ago, and I couldn't see any reason to live; my darling wife, my dearest closest companion died unexpectedly from acute pancreatitis. I was in such pain that, though I didn't realize it, I was seeing things only in black and white, no color. I had such pain in my heart it was unbearable, I awakened to it every morning. In desperation I just kept going through the required motions of life, but I felt like I was dead inside.

But out of all that misery, the Lord and His Mother Mary had some roses waiting for me.
Two years later I met a new little family, and a couple of years after that we were married, and it has been downhill ever since. At a healing service in Orlando the pain in my heart was taken away, and my knee was healed at the same time. Soon I regained one of the things I had been missing so much without realizing it - color, beautiful vibrant green and yellow and brown...

You are carrying a heavy burden, I felt it last night. But it is not just your burden, it belongs to your predecessors as well. But you are breaking the cycle for everybody. It seems something happened to you when you were little that was traumatic, and you have had great difficulty resolving it. Usually we cannot forgive by ourselves, so we must request Jesus' help, and we make it happen simply by praying for those who hurt us. We can't feel good about them, but we lift them up in prayer as our sacrifice. As you know, Jesus desires mercy and He eagerly bestows it. Jesus answers earnest prayer instantly, but He is an infinite being that exists where there is no time, and sometimes we must wait until the mission we accepted before we were born is accomplished. Otherwise this mission will be passed to our children.

It is time for you to give the burden to God now, you have carried it too long. Tell Jesus it is all His, that you cannot bear it anymore. Tell Him you tried your very best, but you cannot fix the problem. Now it is up to him, it's totally up to Him. Your burden is gone, it belongs to Jesus and to Jesus alone!

I would just add one more prayer to your list, pray the Memorare of St. Bernard every day, several times. Mother Mary will be there for you!

Fr. DeGrandis will say mass today for you and your family.

My wife Chu and I will pray for you daily.
You do not realize it now, but God will continue to bless you so immensely you cannot imagine it, and your reward will live forever as the angel writes your name into the book of life!

You have all of our love today and always,
Father and Chu and Gene


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> Subject: Gene, Thank You

I don't know what to say about your response, except thank you, and your Wife, and Father De Grandis.
Never has anyone spoken so profoundly to me before.
I am sorry you had so much pain in your life, but glad it all worked out so well for you.
Like you Gene, I wake up every morning and see gray. I do not share this pain with anyone at home, because I don't want my lovely wife to worry. But I/we do pray constantly. I envy you in that you can look back on your hard times, I want to be able to do that so much, I just want someone to set my broken leg asap, as the pain is at times unbearable. Pain being fear of the " what ifs ", what will happen if Jesus doesn't help me.
I know I don't deserve His help, and many of my problems I brought on myself, but if you shoot yourself in the foot, the pain is no less intense.
As far as my childhood, I cannot recall any single instance of being hurt, just always felt afraid of almost everything, school, parents, Nuns in school.
Briefly, my wife whom I love dearly is recovering from a serious illness, I have been unemployed for some time, taking care of her as well as my father In Law, and debt etc. is quickly rising, and assets are quickly sinking- to put it mildly.
If anyone has ever hurt me, of course I forgive them, as I also ask them or anyone I ever hurt, to forgive me. If anyone in my family who has died has passed this "famine" on to me because of something they did or didn't do- then what can I do about it?
Gene, please thank Father De Grandis for me, and if you get to speak with him, please tell him how much I am in need of his powerful prayers.
My burdens are crushing me Gene, and there are times when I think of Jesus as being very kind, then very hard and uncaring, and even as a go by the book 'hangin' judge.
I want to know Him as the loving God He is- why am I even afraid of Him at times?
I also pray that Jesus helps me to forgive and love myself.
Gene, again thank you, and please thank your wife for her prayers, and tell Father I said thank you.


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Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 12:05 PM
Subject: Father DeGrandis, S.S.J. is praying for you...

None of us deserve Jesus' help, I certainly didn't! But He created us in love and continues always to love us, nothing ever changes that. As difficult as it is to understand, God even loves the demons.

You were probably hurt while still in the womb, many are. Initially you don't need faith, you clearly perceive God in His great love, and thus you are content. But fear and anxiety that arise after you are born will remain until you establish faith and trust as virtues here on earth, and for us to be truly happy they must be present in each of us. Acquisition of virtue is an area requiring great prayer, unyielding will power, that we may come to believe more fully! But this is not easy, very few have complete faith in God. Even some of the clergy have great difficulty with this issue. If God made it easy, faith wouldn't be needed; thus, no merit. We must simply continue to do the best we can and never worry, Jesus knows everything about us, and He and Mary love us so much more than we can possibly imagine.

Just as the angels underwent their self-imposed trial and a third of them fell, so must we undergo our trials here upon earth. The fallen angels refused to adore Jesus, thus their sin remains to this day. We have the same choice. If we adore Jesus at the end, rest upon His mercy, our names are written in the book of life - it cannot be otherwise. Our death is not to be feared, our future is not uncertain! Those who chose Jesus see after our death that He took us up with Him at the very best time, and none would ever want to come back to this cold place of darkness and confusion.

You have been given a wonderful wife to help you, she is your thread to heaven. Enjoy the great gift Jesus has bestowed upon you.

Don't worry about your debts, just continue to do the best you can. I went from a nice retirement nest egg to huge bills after my wife died, I simply didn't care anymore. But the Lord eventually stepped in, gave me another little family, and now I am back where I originally was, in the plus column.

Believe me, David, your thoughts expose your kindness and love. You are undoubtedly very dear to Jesus, and He is very near to you, so don't have fear of anybody or anything.

We spoke to Fr. DeGrandis concerning you, and He is saying mass for you and praying for you and your family, as are Chu
and I. Heavenly Father, bless this man, your loving friend, in the most powerful way; we ask this in Jesus' name! Amen, and amen, and amen.

Love from all of us, Father and Gene and Chu

From: Koshenina, Eugene
Sent: Friday, May 02, 2003 3:40 PM
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Subject: FW: FW: Father DeGrandis, S.S.J. is praying for you...

Hi David,
So many of our "hurts" come from each other, most of them accidentally.
But sometimes it is difficult to forgive, sometimes we repress our feelings.
Both Fr. DeGrandis and Fr. Hampsch have wonderful books on inner healing.

The following books by Fr. DeGrandis, S.S.J. would shed light on many of the
areas you may want to explore:

Forgiveness and Inner Healing
To Forgive Is Divine

The books above contain the basics of healing. If you want to, you could
say the forgiveness prayer in "Forgiveness and Inner Healing" for 30 days.
Many people have reported extraordinary results from this. You simply need
to write down 3 people at a time whom you need to forgive and say the
Forgiveness Prayer.

Journaling would be very helpful from our experience. In journaling you
simply write down what your requests are to the Lord: 3 requests per day.
As time progresses you will find some of the requests answered. Then you
need to cross out the requests that have been answered and give thanks to
the Lord. You can continue to list three requests at a time and journal
through your journey. Always check to see if the Lord has answered your
prayer (request).

David, we thank you so much for praying for us. Nothing is more precious
to the Lord than the prayers of those who are suffering in some way.
I thank you for your kind words and thoughts. Let us all continue to pray
for each other, and may God especially bless you on Pentecost Sunday
through His Holy Spirit of love.

Father and Gene and Chu